International painting exhibition unveiled at ship - museum

An international painting exhibition has been inaugurated as part of the "Bridge of Culture" joint project of the Embassy of Romania in Azerbaijan and ship-museum "Surakhani," owned by Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

The event, hosted at the “Surakhani” ship-museum, witnessed the participation of ASCO management, representatives from various foreign embassies operating in the country, artists, sailors, media representatives, and the general public.

ASCO Deputy Chairman Zaur Nagiyev, revealed that the "Bridge of Culture" project is a testament to ASCO's corporate social responsibility, showcasing numerous cultural initiatives. Celebrating the 165th anniversary of the founding of the national shipping industry, this project aims to convey maritime history and traditions to a broad audience through artworks.

In his closing remarks he expressed gratitude to the organizers, artists, and everyone involved in bringing the project to fruition, extending well wishes for the exhibition's success.

Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Vasile Soare, emphasized the consistently high-level diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Romania, built on mutual trust. He highlighted the expanding cultural ties in various spheres and expressed confidence that the "Bridge of Culture" will further enhance these connections. The ambassador conveyed satisfaction in collaborating on this project with the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, steeped in ancient maritime history.

Tural Ibrahimov, "Surakhani" ship-museum director emphasized that the ongoing project is a dedicated effort to advance the maritime industry within a comprehensive campaign. He expressed pride in hosting globally acclaimed artists in Baku, situated at the heart of the Caspian Sea, who have crafted exquisite artworks inspired by maritime themes. He highlighted the substantial contributions of these artists to the exhibition, underscoring their generosity in donating these valuable works to the museum.

Later, Nicoletta Zagura, Head of administration at the Embassy of Romania in Azerbaijan and Katerina Rudakova, Ukrainian artist, shared their views on the significance of the project.

At the conclusion of the speeches, representatives from ASCO and those actively involved in organizing the event received gifts from the Embassy of Romania in Azerbaijan.

The event included a ceremony of cutting the carpet dedicated to ASCO by the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum off the loom.

Subsequently, participants carefully examined the artworks created using various painting techniques.

The exhibition features a total of 13 works from artists in Romania, Turkey, Georgia, the USA, India, Ukraine, Moldova, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. These works are now part of the museum's permanent exhibition collection, available for visitors to explore.


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